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Some of the highlights from a 40 minute drum-off between drummer Brian Choper and percussionist Sam Turner, April 11 2014. View the Full Scene here.

Note the drum LED light system courtesy of an endorsement by JerredSystems, Florida.

Brian Choper is a classically trained drummer/percussionist with more than 30 years experience in music both nationally and internationally. He has performed both as guest artist and as band leader since 1997. In 2001, he started his own bands. He currently plays with four regular bands of his own while freelancing in many genres including Rock & Roll, Latin, Swing, Jazz, Balkan and Klezmer. He is featured on 9 CD’s, three of which he produced (read more).


Entertainment Connection Career Guidebook“The Entertainment Connection Guide Volume 1 – The Business of Entertainment” explains what you need to know and what you need to do to find work and make a living as a performer without struggling from gig to gig.

It will tell you how the entertainment business works, so that you might actually find your way as a performer, and make a living at it—without depending solely on agents or promoters.

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I hesitate to endorse products, as I play so many different types of music, I do not want to feel compelled to use any one product line. I have a collection of nice 60′s Rogers drum kits, and I really enjoy playing those for Jazz. However, they are not good for everything. Of modern gear, I can say that I love most Vic Firth sticks, Bosphorus cymbals (for softer playing applications), the older Zildjian cymbals, PureSound snares (an excellent product, and made in the USA!), Pro Mark Cool Rod and Hot Rod “sticks”, and Regal Tip brushes. I love many of the Pearl bass drum pedals and I really like DW drums.

With that said, there is one product that stands out, that I will endorse on this page. You’ll never use it live in a show, but it will come in handy backstage or on the bus. It is a practice pad for travel made by a company called KayJae, Inc., and it is excellent. It is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It holds very steady and feels better than anything else I’ve used. The product is awesome, and since it is made by a small company (in the USA), I really want to see them succeed. See for yourself: KayJae .

Regarding other products I recommend, I do have some specifics, many of them not directly related to playing an instrument, but all of them related to some aspect of the music business. If you are a musician, as many performers learn, this business is NOT just about playing, it is also about finding your place in the business of music, selling yourself there, selling gigs and finding work, and musicians need certain tools and information in order to do that.

While in Chicago this year I stopped in to meet legends Joe Segal and his son Wayne. They run The Jazz Showcase, the oldest jazz club in all of Chicago, where Joe is a legend for starting this amazing club that hosts the best in live jazz. The place is elegant, classy, and the music is the best in jazz. The drink is very good too (you need to eat dinner before coming). I encourage you to check it out for yourself. If you are ever in Chicago, this is a must visit destination.

To see other recommendations or to learn about services available that might help you (or someone you know) further your music career, please visit the home website at www.gigsforyou.com. There you will find not only a number of my endorsements, you will also find helpful information on other bands that I either play with, manage or support, and you will discover a professional musician’s forum where both players and bands can find advice on how to find work, manage their bands, and network with other good musicians.

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